Rules and regulations



Individual campsite rules & setup

Up to two motor vehicles are allowed on each reserved campsite (vehicles must belong to renters). Vehicle parking is prohibited on the streets, in green spaces or on any other campsite. During thunderstorms or periods of strong winds, it is highly recommended that awnings be closed at night and while you are away. Washing of RVs or other vehicles is not permitted. Do not dispose of diapers, tampons or other sanitary products, disposable wet wipes or other objects which may clog the sewage system. Use of a tight-fitting seal or elbow is mandatory for hooking up to the sewage system. Water pressure regulators are also recommended.

Traffic and safety

Please restrict motor vehicle traffic as much as possible throughout the campground. Respect mandatory stop signs. The speed limit is 10 km/h at all times; violators will be subject to sanctions. Riding around on motorcycles is prohibited, with the exception of a camper who needs to get to his/her site. Walking around the campground with a glass bottle in hand is also prohibited.

Golf carts will not be tolerated, with the exception of those belonging to seasonal campers.

Access and gates

The entrance gate is always closed and only allows one vehicle through at a time when activated. When you check in, campground staff will provide you with an access card to be used during your stay. If planning an outing, you must have this card with you at all times (24h/day) in order to regain access to the premises.


Between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Zero tolerance after 11 p.m. (complete silence). Please respect your neighbours. Noise and conversations are for YOUR ears only. No music. Children must return to their campsite after dark or no later than 9 p.m. The community room is closed after curfew. Access to play structures is not allowed after dark; bike riding and skateboarding are also prohibited after dark throughout the entire campground.







The premises are closely monitored until midnight on weekends and until 4 a.m. during high season. The Campground is monitored by camera.


Visitors must leave their vehicle in the visitor parking lot near the campground entrance. They must go through the guest services office and pay their entry fees prior to accessing the campground (gift cards are available). Visitors must leave the premises by 11 p.m.







A fee of $5/day per pet will be charged.

Pets must be kept on leash at all times. Never leave your animal unattended. Pets must be inside your accommodation after curfew. Owners are responsible for picking up after their pets and must dispose of their feces in the garbage (not in fire pits). Owners are also responsible for their pet's behaviour, including barking. Aggressive pets will not be tolerated. Pets are strictly prohibited in our ready-to-camp accommodations.






Open fires

In accordance with City of Montmagny bylaws and SOPFEU regulations, open fires are only allowed in the designated fire pits. These must not be moved. Fires must be at least 10 feet away from a neighbouring site. Beware of strong winds! You will be held responsible for any damage caused by your fire. Please keep fires small after curfew. Use of fire accelerants to start a fire (such as gasoline or oil) is prohibited. Please use dry firewood only. During periods of drought, visit to find out whether a fire ban is in effect (or enquire at guest services).

Water park

Opening hours are determined by the City of Montmagny and the water park falls under its jurisdiction. For more details, please visit


In accordance with City of Montmagny bylaws, cannabis consumption is strictly prohibited on public grounds, including the Campground.


The Campground assumes no civil liability for any of the following: falls, accidents, property damage, fire, theft, power outage (total or partial), natural disasters, or others. Campers are responsible for making sure they are appropriately covered through their own personal insurance and will have to notify their insurance company in case of any damage.

Giant inflatable trampoline

Good physical condition required. Front or back flips and/or summersaults are not allowed. Please do not use when the trampoline is deflated or wet. Shoes are prohibited. Stay at least an arm's length away from other participants. Be mindful of others' safety. Exit with care. Remove any jewelry and empty your pockets. No cell phones. The Campground is not liable for accidents.